About Me

I've been a book lover since about the age of 9 when I lived in the U.S., so I decided it was time to finally write down my opinions and experiences of the books I read. Today I am in my 30's, married, and with a little girl named Rebecca, but I still hold books and stories in a special place in my life.  

I now live in Paraguay, which is a country in the heart of South America where the indigenous language, Guaraní is spoken.  The name of my blog comes from Guaraní since  "Kuatiañe'e" means 'books.'   I chose it as a link between my real world (Paraguay and Guaraní) and my make-believe world (American and British literature).  

This is the start of the journey into that world.

If anybody'd like to contact me, if you have any comments or questions on anything I've written, I'll be really happy to receive an email from you.  rominaplanas@gmail.com

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