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The Recruit, Monica McCarty (2012)

I read The Recruit back in November, in merely two days, it was so gripping!  But, I procrastinated and didn't write a review back then, which I'm determined to correct now since it got nominated for the RITA AWARDS only a couple of days ago! Yay!

Kenneth Sutherland became one of my favorite Highland Guards (after Tor McLeod, from The Chief) and Mary of Mar was a heroine I felt for and whose actions I identified with (at least most of the time).

Kenneth was trying to earn a place with the Guards, but his quick temper and 'hot-headedness' was working against him, so he had to work double to prove himself capable of the post.  Mary of Mar was asked by the English king to spy on Robert the Bruce during the Highland Games. Mary of Mar doesn't really want to go, but her son's future inheritance is on the line, so she feels she has no choice.

So, in the middle of the games, Kenneth and Mary of Mar  found themselves attracted to each other, and were basically looking for a one night stand and not any sort of permanent relationship: Kenneth because of his future with the Guards and Mary of Mar because of her repressive first marriage.  But as we expected, that one night brought about some very interesting consequences and events!

Monica McCarty kept me in suspense throughout the novel, but to be honest, that's not her true forte (IMO).  Her true strength consists of literally transporting her readers to the times of Robert the Bruce and his fight for Scottish independence.  She has us travelling through Scotland's beautiful places and scenery, which I confess, I google to visualize what she describes, and they're all breathtaking! She makes her readers literally yearn to visit this extraordinary country during those difficult times, no mean feat!

Here are a couple of places that I was impressed with, in this particular novel:

The Cuillins
Berwick Castle
How can we not enjoy such superb landscapes?
How can we not enjoy reading about these places in which important historical events happened?
How can we not enjoy reading about an explosive, romantic couple?

I definitely CAN and DO!

The Recruit
Reviewed by Romina on Mar 29 2013
Rating: 4  

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